Thibaud Vilet

Thibaud Vilet

Assistant Manager

How was your onboarding experience at 99?

I arrived in April 2018, and I was among the first collaborators of the new team of 99 Advisory Luxembourg. The integration was a bit special because the team was still small, but it went very well. The advantage of having a small team is that we can easily interact with management. For my first assignment, I was in close contact with management, which I found to be very instructive on a human and professional level. Despite the risk that it can represent to join such a young company, 3 years later I can say that it was worth it because it allowed me to intervene on a variety of missions, which is a real accelerator training.

What projects have you been working on?

My very first assignment was a GDPR compliance assignment for an asset manager with Fran├žois Fontan, our CEO.

Then I carried out a mission to implement a reporting tool for a private bank in Paris. Very enriching and formative experience since it was the first time that I was alone with a client. The stakes were high since this was the first assignment that our firm carried out for this client.

Subsequently, I carried out an AML-KYC compliance mission, for a Chinese bank located in Luxembourg.

I also carried out a mission on behalf of a main player in the Luxembourg banking system by setting up a center of excellence in charge of the deployment of RPA.

Afterwards, I had the opportunity to work for a Swiss bank on the deployment of a BPM (Business Process Management) tool as part of their digital transformation program. This mission took place in 3 stages: an analysis of existing processes, the detection of points of inefficiency and finally the definition of target processes.

My penultimate assignment was for the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, we mapped their process as well as a proposed roadmap for the digitization of these processes.

At my current client, one of the largest asset managers in Luxembourg, we support them in the implementation of a digitalization tool for the procure-to-pay chain. For this mission, I first drafted and formalized the various business requirements. I am also in charge of the testing strategy to ensure that the tool put in place meets the needs expressed by the client.

How does the firm help you grow?

I started with compliance missions, then while working on transformation projects, I realized that I preferred this style of topic. However, the strength of 99 Advisory Luxembourg lies in being able to explore several topics, without being locked into one area in particular. As consultants, we are quickly confronted with responsibilities and we have to manage several aspects of the assignment such as client relationship and business expertise. This allows us to develop our autonomy in mission and to develop new skills. I arrived as a Junior Consultant about 3 years ago, and this year I am promoted to the rank of Assistant Manager. Here, when you prove yourself, you can grow and evolve quickly.

How do you fit into the 99 Advisory values?

First of all, I appreciate and feel the Meritocracy in the ambiance of 99 Advisory. My career is the best example. If a person proves himself, then we can move up the ranks and have more responsibilities quickly.

Responsibility therefore follows. We are a small firm, and therefore we have less strict supervision which allows everyone to take responsibility, which is very educational.

What do you like about the corporate culture?

99 Advisory Luxembourg is a small structure, and therefore is quite flexible. All members of the firm can take the initiative and suggest an event to share with everyone. The flexible managerial framework allows us to promote meetings and exchanges between colleagues, we have team buildings organized fairly regularly.

There are also group-wide seminars being held. This was the case in 2018, shortly after my arrival we had a seminar for all 99 Group for 4 days in Sicily. It was really the opportunity to meet all of the group’s employees soon after I joined 99 Advisory.