Steve Seremes

Steve Seremes


How was your onboarding experience at 99?

I joined 99 Advisory in Luxembourg, and I was immediately integrated and guided by a great management and HR team. Kind people, attentive, who took the time to onboard me properly within the company. I received a company’s introduction, I was introduced to the teams, I discovered the offices, the city, they gave me some hints and tips about the city, and there I am, being luxembourgish!

What projects have you been tasked with?

I arrived in November 2019 at Luxembourg which coincided with the launch of an Insurance branch in the Grand Duchy. In the first place, I discovered the market along with the sales team. We had many company’s introduction meetings with different actors: CEO; CFO; CRO; CCO; CTO…. Now we know all about the C-levels functions.

This prospecting operation was followed by our admission at the ACA (Luxembourg Association of Insurance Company) in March 2020, so we can interact with Luxembourg’s market players. From then, we had our first compliance mission about DAC6 and now we work on various topics such as RPA, Information Systems security, finance function transformation and compliance.

How does the firm help you grow?

My job as a consultant surprises me every day a bit more. I must pay attention, reassess myself, be flexible and persistent. All this is possible thanks to the tools given by 99 Advisory Luxembourg and the team members:

  • Trainings (technical or human skills), HR workshops, trainings portfolio, tools which allow us to grow and build our career.
  • Interact with our teammates, our peers, our clients, so many opportunities to share, and to live, which make every day different.

This diversity is a true strength!

How do you fit into the 99 Advisory values?

My integration was particularly conditioned by the alignment of my values ​​with those of the firm. It is essential for me to get involved in a project having a purpose, to give meaning to my actions.

I believe, the values ​​of the firm are and must be carried by all, supported by François Fontan, our MD, as well as Ségolène, our HR, who are both the true leaders of the values. If I had to choose 2 values among MARBRES, it would be:

  • Benevolence: supporting positively, helping others grow, encouraging, adapting the management style and everybody’s speech. I think it is important for everyone to feel supported and accompanied by the whole team.
  • Respect: being responsible for the integrity, promoting interactions and active listening, advocating a real exchange, being who we are respect who the others are. It seems necessary to me, in a working environment like ours, to welcome everyone.

Obviously, solidarity, excellence and meritocracy are also important values which create a pedestal for our firm.

What do you like about the corporate culture?

The thing I appreciate the most within our Luxembourg team, is the proximity we share, we all know each other, and it is a real chance.  In a human-sized firm, benevolence is truly felt daily in the internal atmosphere. Like a start-up, the Swiss Army knife or “Luxembourg knife” is a real trademark. In Luxembourg « we are flexible! »