Natia Arsenishvili

Natia Arsenishvili


How was your onboarding experience at 99?

It was an exciting feeling to join 99 Advisory. It has very rewarding to be challenged for every new project. You, as a consultant become to be in a constant quest for the best solutions for your clients.

What projects have you been tasked with?

I worked on different projects with different financial institutions in Luxembourg, including major banks, funds and asset management companies on risk, compliance and policy matters. These types of projects are the core activities for the Luxembourg team.

How does the firm help you grow?

By supporting clients to solve their challenges, you become more versatile for the next projects. Every client is different and has its different need. Hence, you are constantly confronted to give the best of yourself. Trainings financed by 99 Advisory helps you to stay up to date about the ongoing industry news.

How do you fit into the 99 Advisory values?

Corporate values work in the best manner, when employee personal work ethic coincides with the corporate one. At 99 Advisory I found this link. Commitment and Care for the client has always been the top priority for me.

What do you like about the corporate culture?

What I appreciate the most at 99 Advisory is a friendly environment and diverse backgrounds of the team. Besides, all consultants are always happy to share their expertise with other colleagues. I enjoy spending some quality time with them, even outside the working environment.